Most of the Crowood Aviation Series do not contain a Bibliography section and TSR2 - Britain's Lost Bomber has followed that tradition. However I always feel it is useful to list your references and any further reading so hence the existence of this page. Almost all of the information within TSR2 - Britain's Lost Bomber was sourced from original project documents located in the following locations (in order of volume):

  • BAE Systems Archives, Warton Heritage Group
  • Brooklands Museum Archives, Weybridge
  • National Archives, Kew (particularly files from within the series AIR/2,6,8,19,20 and 41; AVIA/6,7,13,18,28,65; CAB/128,129; DEFE/7,11,13,19,25; DSIR/23; WO/32 - this is not an exhaustive list as hundreds of files have been consulted)
  • Coventry City Council Archives (primarily PA1716 series)
  • BAE Systems Archives, Farnborough
  • RAF Museum Archives, Hendon

Most previously published material on TSR2 was found to contain significant errors and was not, therefore, relied upon for reference; having said that, the following publications provided useful starting points for further research:

  • TSR2 With Hindsight published by the RAF Historical Society, 1998. ISBN 0 9519824 8 6. Available as a free download from the RAF Museum (Journal 17B).
  • TSR2: Precision Attack to Tornado by John Forbat, published by Tempus Publishing, 2006. ISBN 978-0752439198.
  • Crisis in Procurement - a Case Study of the TSR2 published by the Royal United Services Institution, 1969.
  • Olympus - The First Forty Years by Alan Baxter, published by the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust; ISBN 1-9511710-9-7.
  • TSR-2 Phoenix, Or Folly? by Frank Barnett-Jones published by GMS Enterprises; ISBN 1 870384 27 X.

Notable for similar quality of research to TSR2 - Britain's Lost Bomber is the following publication concentrating on the colour schemes and weapons loads that may have been carried by the type had it entered service; I consider it to be a good companion volume to TSR2 - Britain's Lost Bomber.

  • TSR2 - Lost Tomorrows of an Eagle by Paul Lucas, published by SAM Publications. ISBN 978-0-9551858-8-5.

For die-hard fans of the subject, the remaining publications listed may be of interest.

  • Murder of the TSR2 by Stephen Hastings published by MacDonald (1966).
  • Phoenix Into Ashes by Roland Beamont published by William Kimber; ISBN 7183 0121 8.
  • Testing Early Jets by Roland Beamont, published by Airlife, 1990.

Finally the TSR2 Memories Project website makes for interesting reading, but just be aware a large number of the memories recorded therein have been modified by time and contain significant errors as a result. Many people who worked on the project have had their recall tainted by stories told, retold and published since then.